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Sometimes it's drive

that takes you to your passion,

and sometimes you just have to

drive to it...

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As the saying goes, "there are eight million stories in the naked city." And if you happen to be a rideshare driver, you quite literally have a front seat view to all of the drama, humor, and pathos to many of those tales. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, I wound up working as a full-time rideshare driver here in Los Angeles. And while I have found the job itself to be quite maddening, you can't beat the view of this particular "naked city". I invite you to revisit these trips with me. But buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


THE Stories

What do sexy Brooklyn Albinos, drunk women, poverty, racism and coconut Thai soup have in common? They are all major components of stories that comprise the rideshare memoir "Ride. Share Stories." Told from the point of view of Los Angeles based writer Breeze Vincinz, this compilation of stories based on his experience as a rideshare driver combines melodrama, comedy, and passion into one provocative volume not to be missed.

Driving Me Crazy

While driving a fragile little old lady through Santa Monica I realized how fragile we all are and the idea of wanting to protect the people you serve despite their lunacies, more out of a sense of duty than out of an obligation to the lunatics.


I never thought that driving for a rideshare company was going to kick start the origin story to my villainy. But alas... move over Penguin, put that pussy away Catwoman, welcome Breezelificent!

Get Out: LA

I imagined my own death. I was delivering Thai soup to an abandoned plantation on top of a cold and lonely hill on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Killer right-wing clowns were in the shadows. Britney Spears saved me.

American Doll Posse

A passenger once asked to describe the personalities of all people I pick up and I proceeded to give him, "The Completely Biased Rideshare Race Breakdown of Passengers in Los Angeles by

Breeze Vincinz."


THE Sharing

I've often heard the question, "what makes your rideshare stories different from anyone else?" I respond with the infamous Ally McBeal line, "because they're mine." And in the spirit of this project of sharing rideshare stories, I would love to hear your tales... because they're yours.  


THE Author

Chicago Born Breeze Vincinz is a potty mouth writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Formally trained as a screenwriter, he has expanded his catalog to include short stories, teleplays, journalistic pieces, spoken word, and poetry. He is currently working on his long-awaited debut literary fiction novel and trying in vain to keep out of trouble.

THE Book

Ride. Share Stories. will be available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats. Independently self-published, proceeds from this memoir will help complete future projects and expand interpretive mediums of this work including an audiobook version and theatrical presentations. 


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Life As A Boy

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THE Book Signing (VIRTUAL)




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